Valemount Glacier Destinations – New Proposed Ski Resort in British Columbia

Valemount Glaciers – The New Proposed Ski Resort in Valemount, BC.

For those of you who have been following the updates on the new proposed ski resort in Valemount, BC, it seems as though the beginning stages of the project have been going on forever. Since the formal proposal of VGD in April 2012, the project has been undergoing a series of approvals from locals, government officials and the Simpcw First Nation. As of December 2018, all reviews and approvals are in place and the project is undergoing it’s last but very important phase, the financing phase.

Once VGD undergoes it’s due diligence for the financing phase, the resort will begin construction. Oberti has stated that the financing phase usually takes about two years to complete. The financing phase began in January of 2018 so that should put an end date of January 2020 for an approximate final expectancy date. Oberti has stated that “the deadline in the Master Development Agreement for a project opening is the end of March 2022”.

So here’s what you need to know about Valemount Glaciers

Valemount Glaciers Destinations will be a year round skiing and snowboarding destination featuring two summer skiing areas on Twilight and McLennan Glaciers. Centrally located between a vast array of popular tourist destinations. Valemount offers it’s own local airport with international airports located in Edmonton, Calgary, Kamloops and Prince George with the drive from any location offering amazing scenery. The project will take 3 phases to complete. The first phase will reach Twilight Glaciers and will allow for year round skiing. The second phase will reach the views of the glaciers of Mount Arthur Meighen and will also provide year round skiing and an amazing sightseeing experience unlike any other. The third phase will reach 10,515 feet (3,205m) further expanding summer skiing and provide the most glorious sightseeing views yet. The resort will host one of the largest vertical drops in the world at 7,415 feet (2,260m) and will not require snow making. The resort village will feature ski in / ski out properties and lodging with local shops featuring a village similar to Whistler. The village of Valemount is also home to a number of year round outdoor adventures including snowmobiling, snowshoeing, horseback riding, heli-skiing, world class hiking and more.

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