Sledding in Valemount – Day Tours and Everything You Need to Know

Sledding in Valemount – Guided Tours

It comes to no surprise that Valemount is home to some of the most incredible sledding areas on the planet. According to the Valemount and Area Recreation Development Association, Snowmobiling brings in about $6.4 million to the local economy every year. The sport is growing in popularity and we have you covered on all you need to know to go sledding in Valemount this winter.

Getting There

Touring on a sled is a great way to explore the back country area here in Valemount. It’s also one of the most exciting things you can do in the winter time. If you’re visiting from out of town, more than likely you don’t have the trailer or the equipment to simply rent some sleds and take them back country yourself. Lucky for you, Alpine Country Rentals has you covered for your guided snowmobile tour. If you have your own private vehicle, that’s great because you’re going to need it. If not, you will have to catch a ride from your place of accommodation to Alpine Country Rentals. Once there, you will have to sign your waivers before heading out on the sleds. Please note that you must be 19 to sign a waiver of liability. If you’re under 19, make sure you have a legal guardian to sign your waiver on your behalf. Guests must be 16 with a drivers license to drive a sled. Also, please be aware that if you’re traveling with children under 16 that do not have a drivers license, they will not be able to participate in the day tour. They do not allow two people to a sled.

What to Bring

With temperatures often reaching -20c and beyond in the mountains, make sure to come dressed in appropriate attire. We recommend 3 layers of clothing which include thermals, fleece, a heavy coat meant for winter sports, snow pants, thick gloves and a good pair winter boots. That should keep you nice and toasty. Please make sure your attire is waterproof. Alpine Country Rentals will provide you with your helmet, goggles, and avalanche gear. If you got a little nervous when we mentioned the words ‘avalanche gear’, don’t fret. You will have to participate in a safety talk including the awareness of avalanche safety. For extra comfort, please prepare and inform yourself on Avalanche Safety before hand. You can check avalanche conditions here. Full day tours last approximately 7 hours and can be enjoyed by beginner and experienced riders alike. Please remember that you will be back country and there are important things to take into consideration. Please take into account that there are not washrooms, cafes, patrollers, etc. when you’re back country. Please come prepared with food and water. Some snacks we always come loaded with are a piece of fruit, granola bars, beef jerkey, and the occasional candy bar (in case your sweet tooth hits from all that hard riding). A few tips from the pros: pack your toilet paper in a ziplock bag and bring an extra pair of gloves just in case! Last but not least, have fun and enjoy one of the greatest thrills of your life and be assured in knowing that you are in good hands with Alpine Country Rentals. For more information on prices and to book reservations, click here.